A Pro overhaul of your soprano consists of the following steps as a standard. Other procedures such as removing dents, polishing of surface is not included, but can be ordered as extra.

  •  New RooPads
  •  Straghtning of cups
  •  Planing of tone holes
  •  Laquer seal on tone hole rim
  •  Overall cleaning of sax
  •  Removing play in mechanics
  •  Removing friction in mechanics
  •  Planing of posts and key hinge tubes
  •  Adjustments - timing
  •  Adjustments - venting
  •  Adjustments - spring tension
  •  Removing mechanical noise
  •  New tech cork/felt/teflon
  •  Key lubrication
  •  Neck tennon adjustments if present
  •  Tuning of soprano sax
  •  Second adjustments
  •  Play testing


Price is 7.000 Danish Kroner (Dkr.)

OR: 57 Ounces of 999 fine silver

and do not include shipping.

Foreign customers must pay via PayPal upfront for overhauls. There is a small PayPal fee of 48 $. Shipping fees will be charged after I ship your horn back to you.

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Facts on SaxWorks overhaul

I have a very practical approach to overhauls - here is my philosophy


For an overhaul to be top notch I approach the task with a 3 step philosophy. The foundation is KEY to optaining a super high quality result. It is also the most work intensive part of the whole process. In a way you have to bring the saxophone back to zero so to speak. After removing old bumper material, cork glue, pads and cleaning the cups. The journey is all up hill from there. I belive that every single step is equally important. If I cut a corner at step 420 and I have to do 1.400 steps all in all - I will only make the remaining 980 steps harder to to. So I dont cut corners!

Having the mechanics fit perfectly without any friction or noise is fundamentally important. I level all tone holes - straight ones with JS diamond files by hand, rolled tone holes by a small mallet and dent rod. Each tone hole is leveled, deburred and sealed so it does not anodized. Cups are hand leveled and centered over the tone hole, rods are straightened and hinge tubes are cut with SaxWorks diamond planers for 100% frictionless motion. Springs are adjusted to perfect tension. When every single piece of mechanics has been adjusted I ad Tech Cork to the timing feet of both upper and lower stacks. This process takes about 2 days.


Before I begin installing the RooPads all cups are measured and the pads are dry fitted with a leak light. I mark the pads orientation in the cup and they are seated with real shellac. I use colored shellac. The instrument is devided into groups like: Palm keys, side keys, upper stack, lower stack, pinky plateau, bow cups and octave keys. Then is a dark room I do final adjustments of the pads. In this process I do not bend the keywork but float the pads to fit. I like a very precise fit and dont wedge the pads to a seat. A sax should be playable straight out of my workshop and pad wedging RooPads tend to make them work more over a period of 3-4 months - so I dont do that.


Now the tuning begins. First off - timing. I want everthing to time as it should. Then I work with ventilation. This is a vital part of the tuning process and I use a kind of sequential venting method. I pay a lot of attention to the octave. Always start with the upper stack because it kind of desides the ventilation for the lower stack as well. In the process of setting ventilation hight new bumper materials are installed. The final cork and felt is glued in. When the sax sounds and plays as it should - it is all taken appart again for the final oiling.

MusicMedic RooPad White

MusicMedic RooPad Chocolate

SaxGourmet RooPad Black

You may choose from these 3 color options when ordering an Overhaul. They are all cangaroo leather and the best pads in the business. If no color is selected I will install white RooPads.