Shipping and Handling

Foreign shipping

Foreign customers that want me to do an overhaul on their horns, need to make sure they pack and ship according to these simple rules.

  •  Make sure sax is packed as in video below
  •  Use International courier companies only
  •  Make sure you have a tracking number
  •  You must pay the shipping costs both ways
  •  Have your shipment ensured
  •  Foreign customers must pay  upfront
  •  Remember to send me the tracking number

Shipping Address:


Brørupvej 70b

8732 Hovedgård


Before you ship!

Please se the below video and pack you horn as shown.

It is quite safe to ship your horn overseas for an overhaul. But you must make sure that your instrument suffers no damage during the long journey. So. Make sure you pack your horn according to this video. It shows you how to do it safely and correctly so I will recieve your horn in perfect condition. Make sure to ensure your horn when shipping. Ask your shipping comany for advice - they will be glad to help you out. Once you have shipped be sure to email me the tracking number, so I can track you package. I will send you an email as soon as I recieve your saxophone safely.

I will pack and ship it back to you just as carefully as the video instructs.

If you have any questions please email me: