Pro Overhauls

SaxWorks Overhaul

Hand made felt

I make my own felt from wool. Not because I want to, but I cant get the right quality I want. I mainly use felt for bumper feet, and it needs to be as firm as tech korc but as silent as soft felt. It takes 2 days to make a felt that is just right

Best tech and natural cork

I hand select all the cork I use and measure thicknes. Tech cork is used for joints with high preasure and intense wear often in combo with Teflon to give a non friction touch.

Best oils and lubes

I use mainly 3 different kinds of lube from Ultimate specially designed for woodwind instruments.  For pivot screws I use another special lube, and rubber/teflon joints I use a silicone based lube.

RooPads ™ - the best!

I exclusively use RooPads from MusicMedic USA. They are made of cangaroo skin and are in every way the perfect sax pad - period. They come in 3 different colors: White, Black and Chocolate Brown.

And I only use real stick shellac  in the right colors depending of the pad.


When you have tried building every component on a saxophone - you understand

Overhauling a saxophone takes years of practice and experience to do well. With over 600 parts a saxophone is one of the most mechanically complex instruments in the world, so choose carefully when you deside who will be servicing your instrument.  As an instrument maker I have a feel for the intrument and what its all about and to me a great overhaul includes the overall feel of the intrument.  Playability and how well it can be tuned. Some saxes play well in tune and others not so much.

A great sax can be poorly setup and sound half bad.... and a poor sax properly set up can sound great.

I only use the very best materials available, and some I make my self because I cant buy the quality and function I want. Every detail counts in terms of sound and feel. And I want you to feel good about your intrument.

Every tool in the business

More than 700 special tools in my shop helps me stay on top of every challenge

Good tools are essential to me as a craftsman. They are the back bone of my saxophone magic. They make my life easier and require a strict order if  I am to manage working with them, so all tools have an excact place in my shop. Creativity gets the better of me every now and then and my shop looks more like a warzone - but I know at all times were everything is - even in the heat of battle.

NOTE: Due to the  very unstabil US dollar value I hae desided to change  the  trading currency to Danish Kroner. You can also pay in  999 fine silver coins.

I am not cheap - but I know what I am doing and you will find that my overhauls will make your sax feel like never before and you get a one year warranty on all repairs and overhauls from my shop. You further more get one year free inspection.

I am a member of Danish Instrument Makers Guild witch  will  guarantee you highly skilled and professional  service and warranty.