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Vincent Liaudet:

"Unbelievable work! I really appreciate your video. I'm working for 40 years in my own music and repair store. In despite of my experience, I would be very interested to have a private lesson with a master like you. Congrats from Switzerland!

Magnifique travail vous êtes vraiment génial! Cordialement",

John Calamatta

"Hi There Anders at Saxworks Denmark,

I am a Selmer trained self employed Woodwind repair technician from Australia.

I have 50 years experience in all sorts of Engineering.

I thought I was pretty good till I came across your work.

I have not attempted such drastic work on a Sax yet?????"

Uwe Pfeiffer

"i can only recommend SaxWorks. Fantastic job on my Selmer Mark VI tenor. It has been a pleasure to communicate with Anders and I am so very very pleased with the result. It has been worth every single dollar"

Steve Goodson

"We have done business with Anders for a long time......he is truly a genius, a great innovator, and a highly skilled craftsman.....his work has my very highest possible recommendation."

Matt Stohrer

"Awesome!  Thank you for sharing."

Fabrice Wambergue

"What I admire the most in Anders work - more than his obvious technical skills - is this very 'straight forward', fearless and somewhat 'ballsy' approach: ergonomics sucks? Let's cut that tube in half and twist it! I've seen more than one fellow repairers call it a blasphemy. I call it genius."

Custom Woodwind and Brass

"Awesome work Anders."

Tarcio Constant

"As usual, that's another wonderful and nice piece of work."

George Bijacu

My name is George and I am a musician from Romania.

i've been watching your clips on youtube and I must say that I am fascinated by your work. Could you please tell me how much would cost me the very same job on a vintage conn new wonder alto? I am chasing for one right now. Thank you very much

Ilie Iliuta

"You are so good."

Marco Zaghi

"You are a giant doc sax...."

Griff Griffiths

"As always, nice work"

Mohammed Khamees Mesoo

"Great design and work"

Mirsad Sijercic

"Great.. .Man, you need to make new instruments, instead of rebuilding..."

William Stefan

"Amazing work!"

Jacob Deming


Tiko Hölz

"Very competent works"

Edooman F

"Чувак, ты нереально крут !!!"

It's mean something like that

" Dude you rock, that work is awesome ." )))

Borek Sax

"You are really Genius!! I had 4 vintage sax instruments from 1900 I gave them to repair man and they dont wanna fix them as mean it to much work on it - they said it is not worthy..such a shame:-(  will have to visit probably you."


"Awesome mate. Great job."


"Loved all these videos.  Phenomenal work."

Carlo Cennamo

"Well, it's hard enough to do a Full Mechanical Overhaul properly, but what Anders is doing is re-engineering this Conn NWII.

Off-setting the tone holes on any in-line tone hole horn is an enormous undertaking, and fucking it up has got to be very very easy. Showing everyone what your doing takes the kind of confidence evident in Rodger's remark, "Done like a pro."

Us repair techs can get inordinately involved in all aspects of the saxophone: Design, History, Set-Up, and on and on. And what Anders is doing is bringing it to a level that is impressive, intimidating, inspriring, and fascinating. Many Many people have wanted to Modernize the old New Wonders because their sound is extraordinary, and has not yet been reproduced. But some people complain about the ergonomics.

Now, even if you don't mind the key work, I don't, it would be still be fascinating to modernize it. Almost everyone has thought about it, but no one has done it. And here is this guy not only doing it, but letting everyone see the process. And, his machining skills are bar none, and that is something I am easily impressed by."

My Mother

"What was it you were making..... flutes?."

My Father

"Hmm..... yes....."