Master Series

The SaxWorks Master Series is a true custom made saxophone. Only made to order and designed to fit your hands like a tailor made glove. You will NEVER meet another sax excactly like yours - it wil be ONE OF A KIND!

  •  Custom fit keywork - everywhere!
  •  Custom Pearls
  •  Custom Finish
  •  Custom Engraving
  •  75% of the keywork will be handmade
  •  12 months delivery time
  •  5 year warranty on the sax
  •  5 year ALL FREE maintenence

High F# mechanics. Every single piece is made by hand and here finished in a brushed satin Silver Plate. Delrin roller for smooth action.

Rolled tone hole added for a perfect in tune high F#. The only SML Gold Medal in the world with this feature.

Attention to detail. Every single pivot screw has been, ultrasonic cleaned, polished and blued like a swiss watch screw.

New detatchable bell to body brace - also the saxworks logo.

Engraving detail kept in the original design.

The Price Tag:

The price of a SaxWorks Master Series custom built sax is arround 20.000 US $

Here is how you order:

First thing you must do is send me an email at:

Then we talk about what you want and expect. Maybee do a Skype session and talk about the possibilties. If we come to an agreement you will pay 50% up front.

You must calculate about 10 monts delivery time.

Only the best

Each vintage body is carefully selected and testplayed before rebuilding starts

You will not find a finer crafted saxophone anywhere in the world that is all handmade JUST FOR YOU.

This is what you get from a SaxWorks Master Series Custom saxophone. You may choose any vintage horn, but I recommend you choose from one of these manifactures to get the best possible custom sax: SML, Beaugnier, Couesnon, Conn, Martin and King.  For further information on vintage horns please click here

Once the vintage body is selected the long trip to rebirth of a true master will begin.

You can choose to have the body cone cut and turned to give a true modern keywork layout or to keep the inline design. Cutting the cone will not effect intonation or pitch but it will change your approach to the altissimo register. The old keywork will be stripped completely. Measures of you hands will be a key factor in rebuilding the sax to fit you like a glove. It is no secret that I favor SML over any sax in the world when it comes to mechanics. They are second to none. Off axis cups with very little travel and an almost digital feel to it due to uniform spring length and very high quality craftmanship from the sadly now closed SML plant. There is no quicker more responsive keywork found anywhere than on an SML saxophone. This quality is is maintained in my rebuilds and every piece I make is designed to fit into the excisting feel - but fit your hands perfectly. This is important! You probably play a factory horn now and have adjusted your playing style to fit the horn. But if you want and have the money - why not get a true custom built sax - made JUST FOR YOUR hands.

In terms of sound - the sweet vintage tone is maintained so the horn will sound like a true vintage, but the handling will be modern. I tune the neck to enhance the volume of the sound and the over all dynamic range - and perfect intonation.

The shown sax  is finished in silver plating with body in polished and mechanics in brushed satin finish. You may choose any fihish  that is to your liking.

All hand made new smaller G# cup and right side hinge. Smaller cup to accomodate for post.

Main cone has been cut, turned 18 degrees and resoldered for more relaxed playing position

Detatchable bow to body ring. Makes maintanence much easier.

The SML logo has black laquer inlay witch is redone after replating.

Hand made danish hardwood pearls looks and feels fantastic.

Low Eb and C key touches has been replaced and raised to give a much better feel.

New modern left side hinge octave key and a big comfy thumbrest in hard wood.

SaxWorks 3 ring neckstrap in a ver SML like design.

Master Series saxophones

Do you want a true vintage sound with the handling of a modern keywork?

What is a SaxWorks Master Series saxophone?

SaxWorks Master Series custom saxophones are a true vintage sax of your prefered brand (I dont do Selmers) could be an SML or Conn. I then redesign the keywork layout to fit your hands perfectly. Conns often get a complete new set of handmade keywork cause the old keywork is often very bad quality. SMLs are modified with over 25 major modifications. Every single piece of keywork is made by hand by me and my skills. The sax is improved for intonation and dynamic range. I tune the neck to optimise the performance of the sax and work with the setup you like best in mouthpiece and  ligature.

The sax gets the finish of your choise be it gold plating, silverplating, bare brass, brushed satin or highly buffed polish. The pearls will be made of a material of your choice and you may choose from: Mother of pearl, Abelone pearl, Vintage champagne pearl, buffalo horn (black)  hardwood of your choise or ivory (ekstra price)

Sax will be set up in my pro shop and given a complete overhaul and new RooPads,  tuned playtested and delivered in a nice custom case.

Does it change the sound of the vintage horn?

Yes it does - and NO it does not.I will make the sax sound like it was intended from its birth. So I will sound like a brand new 50 year old sax. So do you like the fat Conn sound - thats NOT going to change but the sax vill have a bit more focus and better intonation. Do you love SML sound - then you will have that again with minor improvements but the core sound will be the same! The dynamic range and intonation will be improved if possible but the sound characteristic will not change.

Is it expensive?

YES. I spend about 800 to 900 hours of work on each horn. A Master Series SaxWorks custom horn costs about 20.000 US $