Custom pearls

Custom Pearls

I can make you a set of custom pearls so unique you will never see another sax with the same pearls - ever.

New Zealand deep sea green mussle pearls

Jewels for your sax

Sports cars have shiny aluminum rims - hand built saxophones have signature pearls

Norwegian legal whale tooth ivory

Danish hardwood "rødel" acrylic enhanced

Luxury and aesthetics

Fine instruments need high aesthetics and the feel of luxury

Every single rebuilt sax that leaves my shop has some sort of custom made pearls. I love to dress my instruments with a great looking set of pearls that will last  for decades. Weather it be danish hardwood, Indonesian Beige Oyster, New Zealand deep sea green mussle, white Norwegian Whale tooth ivory, black South African buffalo horn, Italian Olive wood or carbon fiber you will get a feel and look that is unique and one of a kind in the world.

All Pearls are handmade and fitted to the mount of your keywork. All materials are carefully hand selected to match and  look perfect. All buttons are given the desired shape and design and udergo a  lot of sanding and polishing to reach durable and high gloss finish.

It takes 2 days of work to complete a set of pearls and rollers for a saxophone regardless of type of saxophone.  It consists of  6 main pearls for key touches, 1 for Bb,  2 oval for alt F# and G# and a thumbrest nob (octave) For SMLs 4 boulder pearls for cup guards. Rollers for B and C" pinky plateau and wide roller for Bb. Rolers for  low C and Eb.

The prices  from  300 to 500 $ for a complete set -  ivory is the most expensive choice. Contact me for more details.

Mamuth tooth ivory rollers

Danish hardwood with black acrylic

What would you like?

If you have a restoration project and just need one specifik pearl or a complete set contact me

Maybee you are restoring a fine vintage King or Conn that is missing a pearl or you want a  complete set of custom pearls for a project of yours.

I can probably help you make any part you are missing so feel free to contact me and lets discuss your options and needs.