Custom Built

Custom Ergonomics

Saxophone is missing the normal low Eb and C keys. This is due to the artist lacking a finger on his right hand - so a custom apporach to this function was needed.

Upper stack looks quite normal. A modern style pinky plateau has replaced old one.

Right hand thumb operates low Eb and C. Notice the bigger distance between the key touches - this is for better feel and more pricise action.

Due to left side bell tone holes, an action inverser needed to be implemented. To make sure low C# closes when playing low B

Unterslung mechanism was built to free harmonics and make the sax speak more freely

Mads Mathias

This is the Mads Mathias Signature. Custom built for danish singer and saxophonist Mads Mathias

On the European music sceen Mads Mathias is a rising star. His voice is unique and draws character from legends like Frank Sinatra. He is also an accomplished saxophonist. Sadly a car accident deprived him of his right  hand index finger so  playing a standard saxophone is a big challenge.


I first heard Mads oneyear ago and talked with him about his challenges playing a standard sax. At that first consert I got the idea to make a thumb based low Eb and C keywork.

I found an amazing looking vintage horn from 1958. An italian hand made Orsi La Monte. A very unnoticed brand and fell in love with the unique burnt amber color of the horn. The old laquer was completely gone and not one single piece of mechanic could move. Looked more like a thing fished out of the river - so a long journey began to restor and rebuild the horn. I kept the unique coloration of the vintage brass and added a polish of the inner bell to give it character and style. Below you can se a complete list of improvements made to the horn. The sound is very characteristic. Strong tonal center, very free blowing with a ritch overtone series and a broad dynamic range. Every part I made was given a bare brass vintage look to match the visual style of this great horn.

  •  Inner bore brush up for less resistence
  •  Planed tone holes
  •  New side Bb and C posts and rods
  •  New octave mechanism and lever
  •  New unterslung mechanism on neck
  •  New modern style pinkyplateau
  •  New thumb based low Eb and C
  •  New adjustable thumb hook
  •  New action inverser for low C#
  •  New white RooPads
  •  New G# cup and mechanics
  •  Silver plate on back with signature
  •  Silver M inlay in Bell to Body brace
  •  Engraving repolished and laquered
  •  Inside of bell polished and laquered
  •  Complete pro overhaul

A complete new octave mechanism was made for quick and precise handling.

Integrated G# cup and mechanics

This is the sound profile of the SaxWorks Mads Mathias Signature alto. Very focused tonal center. 1 x 6 overtone giving the sax a beautiful depth and broad overtone range. The overall dynamic range is god and wide. It handles very well, quick response and beautiful tone.

Finally the bell to body brace had a silver M mongram inlay

Thumb key thouches low Eb and C