Why settle for a plastic case from Taiwan when you can get a handmade on from Denmark at 5 times the price?

Price tag

A custom made case  will be arround  550 $ depending on the materials used. Contact me for further details.

  •  Outer shell made of plywood
  •  Surface leather
  •  All corners are reinforced
  •  Padding material high tech foam
  •  Rugged inner velvet
  •  Shaped to fit your instrument
  •  Vintage look - Modern durability

Handmade custom cases

Beige wild boarskin golden snakeskin and royal blue velvet - how does that sound?

Vintage cases are very poorly equipped to handle the daily stress of transporting your saxophone safely back and forth. My cases have a vintage design but are designed in a rugged materials to take the beating of daily transport and are padded with high tech materials of the modern age for protection of you delicate saxophone. So it may look vintage but its modern to the core. I only use the very best materials and love to reuse some vintage parts like the hinges and locks.

Royal blue velvet and ivory button

Old Conn lock reused after restoration