All About Sax

All about the saxophone

This is an overview of the key factors that go into producing a saxophone sound:

  •  REED: makes the tone
  •  MOUTHPIECE: shapes the tone
  •  LIGATURE: colors the tone
  •  NECK: amplifies the tone
  •  SAXOPHONE BODY: modulates the tone


The sound of the saxophone is considered sexy and soulful. But how excactly does it work?

The sound of the saxophone  is a multiple of many factors. Here you will get an overview of the  most important ones. I will try to brake down a few myths and bring you hard facts to contemplate.

I am not leaving out the player - I am simply setting a premice that  you know that YOU play a key factor in producing your sound.  Your embrochure, muscle sustain, support, feel and experience are factors only you control so I will stick to the factor that consern the sax and all its components.

Its my experince that  most players tend to  rate their horns highest on the list of factors that play a part in procucing a sertain sound. However I have come to understand a different order so the next pages will take you indepth into just what part of the sax plays witch role in producing a signature sound.