Its my mission to bring sound options to sax players arround the world. Everybody wants a signature sound - and belive me: you don´t get that by following what everybody else is doing. THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS than Mrk. VI and Otto Link.


I  bring you the sound of vintage with the playing comfort of a modern keywork layout.


I strive to bring you information, that will make your choice of instrument maker easier. A saxophone is a very complex instrument and there are so many factors that play a part in creating your unique sound.


Anders Bak

SaxWorks is a small pro shop that specializes in rebuilding vintage horns to a modern keywork layout

Welocome to SaxWorks. A small danish based company sapeicllized in rebuilding saxophone keywork, and bringing the golden sound of vintage to modern players.

I was a percussionist in college, and the drums were my favorite instrument, but the sound of the saxophone had a magic pull on me.  Finally one day I bought my first Yamaha YAS 21. And that was it. Drums went out of my life and the sax took center stage. But typical me.... I just had to improve that sax, so after taking it apart and spending almost one month trying to figure out were every part went - I finally got it back together - and the darn  thing wouldnt play at all. Imagine my frustration. Fortunately for me  I am a stubborn son of a sax, and thats how my journey into the   mysterious land of saxophone anatomy began. That was 18 years ago.

I quickly realised that I would not be a new David Sanborn or Michael Brecker. It was the techincal aspects of the sax that dazzled me. I can play well enough to do what I do, but I have a special sensitivity when it comes to the feel of the instrument. Its my belife that the sax should not stand in your way, but follow your every lead. That is why a responsive horn, not just in terms of sound but also in terms of feel is so important. Your whole being creates the sound. It comes from the center of your soul, travels through your thoughts and feelings. Comes out through your body, lungs and fingers to put it short. When the sax vibrates just right and you love your own sound - everything comes  into play.

To me it matters, that my sax is in fact an extension of me. And since I am  different from you I want a instrument that reflects my personality.

There is actually no mystery to the sax. There is so much myth, that its hard to tell the truth from urban legend. The saxophone is a woodwind instrument made of brass, copper, silver or bronze. Thats it!

The sound dynamics is created from workmanship of the metal, the aloy it self and the construction of mechanics including design and bore. Your can belive that your Selmer is made from a devine aloy of post war church bells and artillery shells - the truth is, its made of the brass available to the factory at the best price at the time of production.

That is why I challenge you. There are so many fantastic saxophones out there, thats hardly known, but well worth a try. There is so many well built instruments, made by skilled craftsmen from France, Italy, USA Japan and Denmark :-)

Your want to look for an instrument that has been built with the utmost care and skill. From a deep understanding of how to bring wonderful accoustics through a piece of brass. You should pay attention to  how well an instrument is built, and the care and attention to detail that has made the instrument in your hand. If it has  been banged out of a machine in the Phillipines, chances are that you not  getting the best out of the materials used.

So let  your hands and lips be your guide. Trust your own intuition. Search for your own true sound. Weather your journey in the land of music has just begun or you are an experienced globetrotter it is my hope that this site will bring you  a new perspective on things.

Blow hard and prosper

Anders Bak