Ned Ferm

" The SaxWorks DaVinci ligature is out of the box thinking in a way I really can appreciate. It does not get in the way of MY sound, but frees the harmonics and let me express more."

  •  Only 2 % contact with the mouthpiece
  •  It orbits the mouthpiece
  •  Handmade in Denmark
  •  Individual serial numbers
  •  100 % brass
  •  Natural Latex rubber feet
  •  2 year warranty
  •  Grips the mouthpiece super well

Handmade high density - low contact ligature. Hand hammered orbit ring all 100 % brass. Comes with natural latex rubber feet. This Endorsing Artist model is goldplated.

Meet Ned Ferm

Progressive modern jazz payer with a strong sense of sound

Ned Ferm is an internationally acclaimed performing and recording multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, improviser, producer, composer, educator, and organizer. Already, he is known as an important contributor to Jazz, Rock, Folk, Pop, and Roots music around the world. Perhaps best known for his work on saxophone, his artistic voice has been heard throughout Europe and North America on stages and recordings and in classrooms since he began playing violin at age four. Born in 1982, and raised on a farm on an island off the coast of Maine, Ned fell in love with music at a very early age and has amassed an impressive résumé. Whether he is playing huge concert halls in Italy or recording in the deep woods of Canada; giving a master class to conservatory students in Estonia or teaching beginners in Denmark; organizing school concerts or an entire festival on Mount Desert Island in Maine; Ferm always brings with him the professionalism and charisma that has allowed him to flourish around the world.

As an Artist

• Performed/recorded with: John Parish, Mark Howard, Yusef Lateef, Roswell Rudd, Airto Moriera, Jorge Rossy, Ben     Street, Tyshawn Sorey, Jakob Bro, Jacob Anderskov, Kresten Osgood, Thomas Morgan, Mark Guiliana, and many more

• Performed/recorded on: saxophones, clarinets, flutes, vocals, keyboards/synthesizers, piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, violin, banjo, mandolin

• Featured on more than 30 recordings released internationally (please see “selected discography” below)

• First recording as a bandleader, “Spent All The Money,” released in 2014 on Stunt Records to critical acclaim

• Leads and co-leads several groups, including: Ned Ferm’s Spent All The Money Band, The Homies, The Middle Earth Quartet, The Cabin Project, The Ned Ferm Failure, The Ferm/Osgood Duo

• 2006-2013: Artistic Director at Bar Harbor Jazz Festival

Awards, Nominations & Honors

• The first American ever accepted into RMC and first to complete the B.A., M.A., and A.P.D. (Soloist Line) programs

• 2014 Danish Music Award (Grammy) for “Jazz Release of the Year” with Maria Faust Sacrum Facere (won)

• 2014 Carl Nielsen Prize for “Roots Recording of the Year” with Ned Ferm Spent All The Money (nominated)

• 2014 Estonian Music Award (Grammy) for “Jazz Release of the Year” with Maria Faust Sacrum Facere (nominated)

• 2003 Danish Music Award (Grammy) for “Jazz Discovery of the Year” with Anderskov Accident (won)

• Awarded “Outstanding Soloist Awards” at the Maine State Jazz Festival seven times in six years (1994-1999)

• The first High School Junior ever accepted early into WPU’s Jazz Program

Selected Discography

• Ned Ferm: ”Spent All The Money” (2014)

• Kira Skov & Marie Fisker: “The Cabin Project” (2014)

• The Homies: “The Homies” (2014)

• Maria Faust: “Sacrum Facere” (2014)

• Jacob Bellens: "The Daisy Age" (2012)

• Nicolai Munch-Hansen: "Æter" (2012), "Chronicles" (2010), "Wanna Do Right But Not

Right Now" (2007)

• Kira Skov: ”The Rail Train, The Meadow, The Freeway & The Shadows" (2008)

• Anderskov Accident: "Newspeak" (2008), "Unity of Action" (2005), "Anderskov

Accident" (2002)

• The Rhonda Harris: "Here's The Rhonda Harris" (2008), "Tell The World We Tried"


• Phoenix City: "Endless Belt" (2005)

• Jakob Bro: "Daydreamer" (2003)