Jeppe Andreasen

" The SaxWorks DaVinci ligature certainly gives much freer tone. I want a lot of nuance in my sound and not to much resistence, but response and warm tone."

  •  Only 2 % contact with the mouthpiece
  •  It orbits the mouthpiece
  •  Handmade in Denmark
  •  Individual serial numbers
  •  100 % brass
  •  Natural Latex rubber feet
  •  2 year warranty
  •  Grips the mouthpiece super well

Handmade high density - low contact ligature. Hand hammered orbit ring all 100 % brass. Comes with natural latex rubber feet. This Endorsing Artist model is goldplated.

Meet Jeppe Andreasen

A saxophonist with at wonderful sensitive expression and a big musical heart

I have been playing saxophones more or less the last thirty years  and in many different setups - primarily teaching. And until recently, I played the same two horns that I luckily inherited as a young man. A Selmer alto model 22 and a  Selmer tenor mark IV. My opinion is, that good horns, like good friends, are few and far between; the more select the more enjoyable...

Saxophones have their own logic, but do not always let me in on it. And maybe that's why I have become so pleased with playing and examining these saxophones. Rare horns that I haven't even heard of before. And I am more and more certain that somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be discovered and maybe even known...

I was helping some students find affordable saxophones with soul. And it was fun and meaningfull. Both regarding some surprisingly great horns and the fact, that it suddenly became a new hobby. A hobby that made me realise, that I dont know anything of importance, when it comes to the variety of handmade saxophones from the last 100 years or so. You think you know what's good or bad, pro or semi, cheep or expensive etc. But you dont. Anything can happen and you cannot figure it out.

I think that, most importantly it requires some openness and guts to admit and realise when it feels just right playing a saxophone. We are all different - and so are they. And when it does feel just right, holding and playing another horn, there is a kind of serenity in the new relationship. You just know it - it's good, right, inspirational, warm, motivating... I dont have many sad days.