About Saxworks

About SaxWorks

Here below is a list of my services. Feel free to explore all of my website - you might just find something useful.

  •  Custom rebuilds of keywork
  •  Custom refurbishing of surface
  •  Custom built ergonomic keywork
  •  Custom cases
  •  Custom pearls
  •  Custom engravings
  •  Pro Overhauls of all saxophones
  •  Mouthpiece refacing
  •  Reseller of Rampone & Cazzani
  •  Reseller of Sting Ray Thumb Hook
  •  YouTube Channel


If you choose our Master Series, every single piece of keywork is made by hand

Culture is in the detail - and so is quality. I only use dense high quality brass for keywork components. Everything is silver soldered and finished by hand. Building the best keywork takes skill and experience and a deep understanding of the saxophone.

Silver, bronze, carbon, copper and brass is used were it best serves a purpose.

RooPads ™

For my Pro Overhauls I use RooPads™ from MusicMedic.com exclusively

Kangaroo leather is one of the strongest light weight leathers available. Kangaroo has been shown to have a highly uniform orientation of fibre bundles in parallel with the skin surface. It does not contain sweat glands or erector pili muscles and elastin is evenly distributed throughout the skin thickness. This structural uniformity explains the greater tensile strength of the leather.

This results in amazing abrasion and tear resistance, which are just the qualities a saxophonist needs.


Why are RooPads™ kangaroo pads better?

RooPads™ don`t stick! (isn`t that enough?)

RooPads™ reduce pad noise!

RooPads™ offer a firm professional feel!

RooPads™ leather is the most durable!


Finally! A firm and extremely durable Saxophone pad that does not stick and will not make noise. Why choose anything else? I can also offer the new RooPad Extreme and Roopad Chocolate versions if you prefere them.